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Library of the Printed Web is a collection of works by artists who use screen capture, image grab, site scrape and search query to create printed matter from content found on the web. LotPW includes self-published artists’ books, photo books, texts and other print works gathered around the…

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I want to stand back, away from our usual distractions, and question how we make work in the world. I want to start a conversation about design culture. 
So this talk, which is about resistance, is a totally personal account that begins with questions, and a few observations, and ends with some very small gestures. It isn’t easy, because questioning often leads to ambiguity, or doubt, and that can be uncomfortable. Questioning itself, is a kind of resistance. 
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Something is very rarely just one thing; there are always more aspects to consider and to behold.
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Tripping Corpse: Raymond Pettibon’s Early Work
One of the most prominent figures of the 70s Southern Californian punk scene, Raymond Pettibon has an individual style of drawing with themes that range from sexuality to religion.
On All Day Everyday's blog, Eugenie Dalland shares her impression of visiting Fulton Ryder's private collection of rare books and publications and discovering one of Pettibon's classic zines, 'Tripping Corpses'.
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Lesbian Bar, Paris 1930s by George Brassaï.
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